Update issue on Ubuntu

I am using Ubuntu 13.04 and I don’t like commands :slight_smile: previously, I’ve addedd PPA via Software and Source and Ubuntu updated to 4-0 with no problems… however, now when I add 4-1 PPA I receive following message.

image description

After clicking on continue, only one component could be selected.

I had installed it via command line previously (it works), I download 4-1 and installed it (it also works), but I would like to use official PPA because I believe it is the right way to do :slight_smile: Previously, I was removing LO with Synapic Package Manager…

I respect you decision to use graphical interface instead of commands. But when problem appears then you need to write long story with print-screens etc and if end-user does just one click wrong and it will not work. So I prefer giving instructions to end-users using terminal, so I know they can just copy paste the command and it will work.

First of all do NOT download deb files from LibreOffice web page and then after some time use PPA. This can bring you a mess. Deb files on LibreOffice web page are not specifically build for Ubuntu, so are only intended for those inpatient that can’t wait few days for new version to appear in PPA. I suggest to completally remove LibreOffice from your computer and install it from PPA.

  1. Open Terminal (you’re gonna love this step):
  2. Remove LibreOffice: sudo apt-get remove --purge libreoffice*

  3. Open Ubuntu Software Center and delete all of the LibreOffice PPAs you have manually added.

    Note: If you are sure you have correct 4.1 PPA, then you don’t need to delete PPA and also can skip next step.
  4. Add PPA: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/libreoffice-4-1

  5. Update repository: sudo apt-get update

  6. Install LibreOffice: sudo apt-get install libreoffice

    Note: Copy one-by-one line and press to execute command.

ok, thanks… I did it, I can run LibreOffice 4.1. But why do I have menu delay of 2 seconds? I thought this would be solved in official Ubuntu version. Does anyone else have it? Can I remove Unity Integration Menu option, so I use standard menu?

Menu delay is presented if I installed it this way… I removed LibreOffice again, and installed it from official web page… now, menu is not integrated into Unity, but it works… and there are icons in menu items (something that LibreOffice team didn’t try to solve for several months on official PPA)… it’s a pitty that LibreOffice does not invest more effort in order to improve experience of Ubuntu users; the most loyal users so far.

I downgraded to LO 4-0-4 because of menu delay and unity (launcher) integration problem… however LO 4.1 downloaded from official website (i.e. not installed from PPA) works much better. I would like to use new LibreOffice, but these issues irritate me. How can I know that LibreOffice fixed these problems on Ubuntu?