Update Profile Information

I need to change my primary email account in AskLO. After a lot of “fumbling around”, I finally found my profile information. I could not figure out how to modify my email account. Would someone please tell me the steps needed to change this? I would greatly appreciate it.

Please, edit your question to improve it. It is not clear at all if you’re in trouble with the LibreOffice user profile on your computer (you tagged common, meaning you’re facing a problem in all components Calc, Writer, …) or if you want to change your details on the AskLO web site (in which case the question should have been tagged meta, optionally with asklo or ask-libreoffice.

In the first case, don’t forget to mention OS name and LO version.

I hope this is the correct way to ask. Sorry I didn’t really know what I was doing. Thanks for the input.

I think you should resubmit your request under the Site Feedback category (which can be selected in the “English” drop-down menu on the home page). There site maintainers can care for you. I tried to change my email in my account but apparently this is an operation requiring webmaster assistance.

You can do it at the sign-up page. You’ll need to relogin to Discourse for the change to propagate here though — either log out first or simply wait for the login session to expire.


To make things clear: do you mean we must sign-in instead of logging-in? Then we sign-in with an existing username and we’re prompted for a new email?