update to template updates many documents?

I am building a library of technical documents for ISO 9000. I currently use LaTeX, where all of the imports, styles, and the building of the header (complex header) all occur in a separate file that I “input” in the preamble. If I change the separate file (change font size, add a field to the table in the header, etc.), every document that calls that file reflects the change when I open it and recompile. Unfortunately, I have been told that it is easier to make me rewrite in a less technical processor than it is to find a replacement who knows LaTeX. So LibreOffice is my next choice.

Is there a way to have a hundred or so LO Writer documents point to one file with a defined header (with fields that change every document… like “document number” and “revision”) and a limited number of styles such that an update to the “Master template” will show up in all of the “child documents”?

It does not HAVE to be a separate file… I just need the functionality as described. ISO auditors appreciate documents that look like they are part of a whole rather than whatever was convenient at the time.