Updated Writer Printing "S"

Updated LibreOffice (7.2) on a few different distros in my house and now everything we print from Writer is just the letter “S” wherever a normal character is. This did not occur prior to the update. We are using MS fonts, for Times New Roman and sending it an HP Page Wide, a Brother, and another HP. See attached image. It happens on all printers, have not tried print to file (PDF export yet, but will).

Has anyone else had this issue? It just started with the last release.

I think you will need to list the distros and interface, print driver, and printer models and well as version of LibreOffice 7.2.x.x.

Does it print only letter s if you start a new document, type some random text (lorem then press F3) and print that, or is it just one document?

Can you print ok from safe mode (in LO click Help - Restart in safe mode - Continue in safe mode)?