Updates have RUINED Libre

I made the BIG mistake updating LibreOffice a while back and it has been ruined EVERY since. I have removed it and reloaded it. I have tried 24.2.1 MISTAKE. I have tried reinstalling 7.6.5 and the errors are ALL over this mess. In presentation I can’t change from slide to slide. NOW I have to hit “VIEW” go to “Outline” and click the slide I want. After I get the slide I want ‘highlighted’, I then go back to “View” and click “Normal” in order to edit it. When editing a slide, If I am trying to ‘move’ an object it MAY or MAY NOT move the direction I am clicking on the little arrow, whether it is up or down, side to side. IF I click the “UP” I may go. BUT if I try to go back down and click the down arrow, IT CONTINUES GOING UP!!! OR Vise Versa! AND as I already stated, the same thing goes for side to side. There are some issues in the new Calc also, but off hand I can’t think of them right now, If I remember them I will post again. And it ALL started with an UPDATE to get 7.6.5. IF I could go back to an older version than that, I would! I have NEVER had problems with LibreOffice until that update a few months back.

Oh, and one other issue is it keeps ‘crashing’ on me now also. VERY FRUSTRATING!!

On the download page you’ll find this link:

Older versions of LibreOffice (no longer updated!) are available in the archive

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Click View > Slide Pane to toggle visibility of slide pane.

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This is not a solution for the specific issue, but a reminder concerning a more general advice:

Users mainly wanting a stable LibreOffice should

  • update to a newer first-or-second-digit-version eventually but
  • should only update if a rather high (>=4 e,g,) third digit is reached (“not too fresh”) with an explicit release.

Reasons in short: New features or UI-updates or efficiency enhancements need to change some code “in the deep” and may thereby cause new bugs (or regressions). Fixing these bugs may take some bugfix-versions.

  • Users urgently wanting to try out a new feature should install their “fresh” version in parallel (or try it without an installation as a “portable app” on Win).
  • Users who feel overwhelmed by the instructions should refrain from following them.