Updates icon

The Updates icon (globe with down blue arrow), at least in Mac OS 11.4, needs a mouse-over or some explanatory help, link to updates download, when clicked. If you don’t recognize that it means LibreOffice has an update available, there is no way to figure this out without hunting online.

If this is meant as an enhancement request, file at https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/

If you turn Extended Tips on does that help? Note that for a Mac Options is at LibreOffice > Preferences (not Tools > Options).

Aren’t MacOS download icons basically a circle with a down arrow? Some similarity surely?

Thnx for the tips!
Yes, turning on Extended Tips does expose the info to decrypt the icon. [I will leave that on now.]
Also, any enhancement request is likely a duplicate of/related to tdf#134729.
Closing …