Updates to a VLOOKUP don't recalculate within a sheet.

I have an ods file with a sheet that does VLOOKUP to another sheet in the same file. This was working perfectly until recently. Now the original formulas work properly, but updating the array results in the recalculation not to happen within the sheet.

If I cut and past the updated formula into the formula feature it returns the correct value there, but only shows the formula itself on the sheet.

Bug? Something changed with VLOOKUP behavior?

One more thing: Every changed entry shows VLOOKUP with a swiggly red underline. This is not the case for the unmodified entries.

Click View > Show Formula to unhighlight it. You should then see the result in the cell and probably your sheet will update as it used to.

If it doesn’t update still then check that Data > Calculate > AutoCalculate is ticked. Cheers, Al

I had already tried both of these. Here’s what happens with the Show Formula view: All the VLOOKUP formulas display. When I uncheck Show Formula, then the results from the old entries all display but only the formulas for the modified ones. (AutoCalculate is checked.)

Is this the same thing as question 289058 where Mike Kaganski asked some questions and still waiting?

Suggest you create a small sample spreadsheet with non-personal data and click edit under your other question to add the sample using paperclip icon.

your other question

AFAICT @sternb_HI has asked only one question