vlookup in openoffice vs libreoffice conumdrum

This function, =(VLOOKUP(".";SJT_TFSA_TD.I4:I230;1)) works in openoffice but not in libreoffice. Here’s what happens.

A. I enter a change in the lookup data, I4 to I230 by adding a new data item to the bottom of the list while the file is open in libreoffice.

B. The function returns #N/A

C. I save and close the file

D. I open the file in Openoffice. The correct data is returned. I make an inconsequential change so that a save may be made. I save and close the file.

E. Here’s the conundrum. I then open the file in Libreoffice and voila, the function returns the correct data!
I should mention that my level of understanding of how this function works is near zero. I copied the code from a Openoffice forum, so please be patient.


All assistance will be appreciated.

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No idea what “a new data item” could that be, which is expected to match “.”. No idea if you have regular expressions in formulas enabled or not. No idea if you actually need it. No idea which specific OpenOffice forum advice you refer to, and which overall task you try to solve. No idea if you know that OpenOffice does not e.g. support using wildcards in formulas, which is the default in LibreOffice, and which may result in the “wildcards are enabled->advise from OpenOffice does not work because of different setting->open in OpenOffice results in using regexes->saving makes file use this setting”… (And also there’s “apply to whole cell” thing, and tdf#139612.)

Anyway, it all requires some effort when you prepare your question. Describe your task. Describe your data. Describe expected result. Describe visible result. Add a link to the source of the formula. Attach a sample file.