updating libre 4.1.5 to 4.3.7

I tried to update my Libre office today due to several reminders every time I use the programme. I downloaded the update and opened it and set it to run. After a while it stopped and informed me 'error 1303 the installer has insufficient privaileges to access the directory C: programme files \Libre office 4\program. Log on as administrator. I am the only user of this computer and there is no administrator, it’s my computer. I pressed re-try, that did not work so I cancelled the update. The update then removed the updated files and also removed the previous version. I now have a number of files created in Libre office that I now cannot open.

Help!! I wish I had left it well alone and not bothered with the update.

I look forward to your assistance,

Sounds like you left it running unattended. If you had been present, you would have seen MS pop up or under (sometimes in the program bar) a prompt for you to grant elevated privileges. You need to grant the privileges within say five minutes or the prompt goes away and privileges are not elevated and whatever you wanted to do fails. This is way MS works, not an LO issue. P.S.: I would skip to LO 4.4.