Updating Libre from Version 6

I am an 85-year-old user who wants to get away from reliance on Microsoft WORD. I use only very basic text writing - nothing fancy. The most complicated will be to tabulate and to insert images. I also use very basic Spreadsheet as a text programme, no calculations AND one Database in Hebrew. I have English, German and Hebrew. At the moment Libre Version 6 is installed. When looking at Update I see 2 version 7 are available, the later one has Hebrew BUT warns of the need of a supporter (whom I do not have)
How do I choose please?

Both versions should support hebrew, if you wish to use. I have seen some updates to arab writings in release notes to 7.5, I don’t know if hebrew is touched by this.

As long as you keep backups of your files nothing severe should happen for both versions. The most prominent reason for 7.5 is the activation of “dark mode”.