Updating LO

Suppose you have an running und full installed LO environment.

Now an update is available, lets say the Version V4.0.1.2

My Question: What is the correct or normal way of Updating?

I always do the following:

  • Download the update and also the new helpfiles
  • Uninstall the old LO Helpfiles
  • Uninstall the old LO Software, for example V4.0.0.3
  • Install the new one, for example V4.0.1.2
  • Install the new help files for the Update

I this correct like I do it?

I[s] this correct like I do it?

Well, it depends on your platform, of course. I run different flavours of Ubuntu, and use the LibreOffice 4.0 PPA for managing updates. I also work in Windows (XP and 7), and in this case, I do the same as you: full downloads > uninstall current > install new.

Works for me … though hardly convenient!

You don’t need to uninstall older version, just install new version of LibreOffice and it will be upgraded automatically. After that install help files if needed - help can also be accessed on-line.

See also: Installation of LibreOffice on Windows

“[…] You do not have to de-install any previously-installed version of LibreOffice. If you do have an existing installation of LibreOffice, all your preferences will be preserved and that old installation will simply be overwritten. […]”