Updating software

You have managed to up my heart rate and level of irritability this morning. Updating from has been a major pain in the butt and is still not complete. How do I get rid of this ancient version and into the new version???
David Welser

The previous version (if at least V4.x.y) should not matter much.
On the other hand the issue may slightly depend on your system (OS) and some additional circumstances.
From where did you get the installer? In what way did your attempt fail?
Please don’t skimp on information a helper might need.
(You can edit your question to add the info.)

Does https://cz.libreoffice.org/get-help/installation/mac/ help you?

(Out of curiosity: What’s Czech about that linked document?)

That’s what I wondered also - it is in English but there is no en.libreoffice.org version

Running an Imac, 3.06 GHZ 1067 MHZ DDR3, OS X EL CAPITAN VERSION 10.11.5

Installer ?? Downloader and hit install. Install ended with no errors. The old version remained in the program bar and still comes up despite my sending it to the trashcan.
My desktop now shows a libre office DMG file and a disk icon labelled Libreoffice.


Sorry. I know next to nothing about OSX. But: There are two ways to distribute software for OSX. As a PKG (package) or as a DMG (disk image). The ways to install will be different, and there may arise a conflict if you try to install a newer version from DMG if the previous version was installed from PKG.

(And:) Also on a Win system the starter for the old version remains in the task bar and must be replaced manually with the starter of the new version from the desktop (or somewhere).