Updating values in cross referenced fields

Using Libre Office (writer, text, whatever its called)

Basically what I want to do is this: I would like to be able to set down values in a document somewhere, and be able to reference those values (presumably by field name) elsewhere in the document in multiple places. But also, crucially, i want to be able to update the values and have that updated value appear everywhere where i have referenced it.

I have tried to solve it with:

  1. Setting up the original value by
    Insert :: Cross-reference… and then in the dialogue use Set Reference to name the field
    and it will use the value as the value of the field.
  2. Then i go to another place in the document and
    Insert :: Cross-reference… and then in the dialogue this time, use Insert Reference (with the Reference variant)

so far, this works because the value shown in this other place in the document is actually the value I set in step 1. However where this all falls down is if i try to update the value of the field with a new value. Basically, i can find no way to do it. If i try selecting the value in the document and changing it there it kills the field off. I have also tried finding a way to change the value in the various Field windows, and they are all about Insert, so I can’t actually access the value to change it.

So, how do I achieve what I want here?

Use a user defined variable field - see Variables

If your parameter is set only once in your document (it is constant all over the document), create a custom property with File>Properties, Custom Properties tab.

Custom properties are referenced with Insert>Field>More Fields, DocInformation tab, Type Custom.

File>Properties offers a nice UI for changing reliably the property without adverse effect on formatting.

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not perfect, but good enough, i think, thank you. Unfortunately, i don’t seem to have the privileges to tick or upvote, so sorry about that