upgrade instructions libreoffice 7

Are there upgrade instructions for LibreOffice 7?
I have some macros I’d like preserved.
I have some settings too.

Is there an offline help pack anymore?


Yes there is still an offline help pack. What operating System are you using? I using Windows 10 Download it and double click on the Windows installer.

You can back up your User Profile first. Cheers, Al

Good! That’s what I needed.
%APPDATA%\libreoffice\4\user - copy to another location (using Windows 10, on LibreOffice 6, upgrading to LO 7)

Find offline help pack right below the download link for 7.0.4, labelled, “Help for offline use: English (US) (Torrent, Info)”
Might as well download “Key management software for the new OpenPGP feature (external site)” as long as you are there too.