Upgraded to 4.2 from PPA, but no Sifr icon set

I’ve just updated my 4.1 LibO to the latest 4.2 via the PPA as announced at WebUpd8, and the update/upgrade went well. (I’m on Linux Mint 13 LTS [built on Precise 12.04].)

The only oddity is that I don’t have the Sifr icon set available:

Any suggestions? I’ve looked for the current (4.2) icon set as a stand-alone, but can’t track it down. Obviously, it’s better to have it with the update from PPA! Thanks for any help with this.

You probably did not install libreoffice-style-sifr.

You, sir, are exactly right, and I’m a numpty! :slight_smile: Thanks for this. I had (wrongly) assumed that the new icon sets would be rolled into the standard install, not realizing they need a separate installation.

You will need to talk to Ubuntu / Linux Mint. The Sfir icon set is certainly in the website version. The pull down list also indicates you are missing the High Contrast and Oxygen icon sets.

Bummer. Ah well! They did say the PPA could be glitchy for a bit. I will update here with any developments. Thanks for the quick reply.