Uploading new fonts Libre Office 7.0

I am working on a page that needs specialized fonts. There are no equivalent fonts in Libre Office 7.0

How do I upload new fonts? (I am pretty much a luddite, so please be gentle.)

Thank you!
Blaze O’Rama

Your question had nothing to do with LibreOffice. Refer to your OS manual.

Yep, see you could have written this is Greek. I am sure an OS Manual is something I can search my program files for?

In my defense, I can cut a quill and make ink to do calligraphy.

But the video below was spot on!

Thank you for your input, though!

Here is a tutorial on how to add a new font to your system, which, in turn should expose it in LibreOffice for use.

Thank you! Will give this a try tomorrow!

Perfect! You have solved my dilemma. Thank you so much!