URI Schemes implementation

Hi and good day, can be add this function on Libre Office, (Office URI Schemes ) it will be helpful when integrate web app in office app, ms office have this functionality but i can’t find this protocol in Libre Office, please help, where should I write that the authors added this functionality ?

It is not clear, what you want to achieve. Do you know, that you can launch LibreOffice from command line with a lot of parameters?

i need open files from web dav url from my web app )) edit it and post doc to this url

Start LibreOffice and then use “Remote Files” from the start center or menu File > “Open Remote File”. Click on the word “Add service” (not on the triangle). The Type list has an item “WebDav”. Please try that.

Eh? :slight_smile:

yes yes that is ! but i try open files on my linux machine and have error

Failed to open URI “ms-excel:ofe|u|”.

like i see linux not support for this functionality ?

LibreOffice is able to handle those URIs. You may test it by using command line like

soffice ms-excel:ofe|u|

But the shell integration isn’t implemented. That requires .desktop files adjustment. You may file a RFE for that either in LO Bugzilla, or for your desktop environment.