URL for latest german LibreOffice msi file (stable)


is there a URL for latest german (or multilingual) LibreOffice msi file (stable version) that i can use with curl or wget etc.? I want to install libreoffice with a script.
e.g. curl http://download.libreoffice.org/de/latestversion -o libreoffice-setup.msi


I got it! If I download with:

wget.exe --user-agent="(Windows NT 6.2)" -L http://sourceforge.net/projects/libreoffice.mirror/files/latest/download

Then it works.

If you want to download 4.1.0 you can get it from


This is the Windows version. If you need another OS, please select the version you need on the same site.

The solution with sourceforge url does not work.
It work for other downloads at sourceforge but not for LibreOffice.
Any Idears?