URL not working properly

I have a cell that creates a URL for a site, to quickly calculate contributions.

in the cell I have the following formula,
=HYPERLINK(“http://www.paycalculator.com.au/#"&H53&"|2|2018|9.5|5,250,8,40,50|000000"," Estimate Tax -->”)

when I ctrl-click it, it opens in the browser, but it changes the hyperlink.
The pipe symbols(vetical bars) have been changed to %7C, which is the equivalent hex code for this character.
as shown below,

in Opera/Chrome, it shows the %7C, but in Firefox, it shows the piping symbol, but if you copy the url from the browsers url bar to notepad/text editor, it shows the %7C code.

Is it possible to stop Libre from changing the symbol to the hex code?

Windows 10 / LibreOffice / Opera 53.0.2907.68

Please let me know if you need anymore information.

The | character (pipe symbol or vertical line, bar) is not an allowed URL character (see RFC 3986) so has to be escaped as %7F. Firefox may display it as vertical line in the URL line but the underlying encoded form must always be %7F and that is what gets fed to the browser when clicking the URL, or copied to the clipboard from a browser. You can even try with the link you inserted above.

For an easier to grok table than the RFC definition see that one there.

Thank you erAck. I did find another work around, but it is long winded, but works. Involves cutting and pasting instead of simply clicking the link. It is a shame that the website dev’s couldn’t adhere to the standards. Would make all our lives easier.