US UK language problems again

Hi folks,
I have just installed Libre office with the language set to English UK (That’s what it shows on the bottom right of the screen anyway), and the UK English helpfile.
When I call up help, I get an error report saying “The LibreOffice built-in help for current UI language (English (USA)) is not installed on your computer.”
So there is a clash between what it tells me is the language setup and what it thinks is the language setup.
I am confused, and a bit frustrated.
The spell check is working with UK English (colour, capitalise etc., so I think the borrom right window is right. But I don’t know what is wrong. I can still get online help, but I want the help I’ve downloaded to be accessible.

Options|Language Settings|Languages - Language Of - User interface


you mix different language settings:

That’s what it shows on the bottom right

=> This is the text language.

"The LibreOffice built-in help for current UI language (English (USA))

=> This refers to your user interface language, which is/can be different from your text language(s).

Therefore: Check Tools -> Options -> Language Settings -> Option: User interface: I’m pretty sure it shows English (USA) and hence LibreOffice complains about missing English (USA) helppack. Change the setting to English (UK)

You are a hero. Sure enough, it was set to USA deep inside that menu, and correcting it has solved the problem.
Thank you

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