Use a font for printed book

Good morning,
I write a book using libre office and I would like to use the font georgia that I can find on your fonts list.
I read online that thanks to EULA the users in microsoft word can use the font to puplish and sell a book without any issue with the license. Do I have the same right using LIbre office?
Can I use the font, write and sell the book without problems with font license?
Thanks a lot

Let me add that the fonts included with LibreOffice (the Liberation family and others) are SIL licensed as well, so you should be ok. Cheers and good luck with your book.

Thank you!!!

See this article on site:

Font licensing and use: What you need to know

My advice is to stay clean from proprietary fonts if possible. The situation nowadays is a lot better than what was just a few years ago: now there are many really good FLOSS typefaces out there. The Libertinus font family mentioned by @gtomorrow is a great example, full of OpenType features and with a good design, but not the only one.

The “best font” is a highly subjective topic and depends a lot on your needs: will it be a printed book or an electronic one? For example, georgia was designed to use on screen or on low resolution media so maybe it’s not the best choice for printed material.

Thanks a lot for the answer!!
Very helpful. I got in touch with microsoft support and they confirmed that users can use installed fonts in the system to write, print and sell a book.
Thanks for the georgia font information, I’ll think and study more about it!