Use cell to name worksheet

I want to name a worksheet from a name in a cell

No problem! Just press Ctrl+C to copy this cell to clipboard, press Ctrl+Shift+S to open form SaveAs and press Ctrl+V to paste name from clipboard - it is much less key presses than I spent on this comment… Oh, no! Do you ask about “worksheet”, not about spreadsheet? OK. Let it be right-click on tab instead Ctrl+Shift+S

Did you try to copy the cell and to paste into the filename line after calling File > Save As...?

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(Sorry. I was interrupted, and this got to be something like a duplicate.)
I should have added the question if ‘Worksheet’ is meant to be the document or a single spreadsheet contained in it. Thought the OQ would tell us after reading the linked-in thread.

If this is about naming a sheet after the content of a cell and having the sheet name change whenever the cell content changes (which I assume the question was about, not naming a sheet or document file once), then no, that is not possible unless you (or someone) write a macro that reads a cell content and renames the sheet.