Use current row number to find value in column in formula, how?


How do I use the rownumber in a formula?
For instance; I want to use the value of A3. Let’s say the value of A3 =5

B3=A3 → returns 5
C3=AROW() → returns Error

Why does libreoffice not translate AROW() to A5?

And how do you solve this problem?

=A3 does not refer to cell A3. When used in B3, A3 refers to the left neighour cell because A3 is a relative reference. =A3 does exactly what you want as you will see when you copy cell B3 to other cells.
=$A$3 refers to A3 actually.
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Funny expectation…

  1. there’s no function AROW()
  2. even if there was, why should it return 5?
  3. even if you expected a concatenation of A and the result of ROW(), why should ROW() return 5? If it’s used in row 3 it returns 3

You probably want =INDIRECT("A"&A3)