Use Excel and Word in OneDrive?

I don’t want to be rude to Libre Office, I am new to it and really like it, but I have had a few problems with Calc crashing for no good reason. I see that you can use versions of Word and Excel on the OneDrive website. These are no doubt cut down versions, but they look like being ok for 90% of the time. So is OneDrive a possible alternative to Libre Office? Any comments?

When LibO is crashing on your computer, then there must be a problem on YOUR PC. LibO is running fine on all OS. Thus, what is your OS? What is your LibO version? What are you doing when Calc crashes? What about Writer, Impress, Draw, Base, Math?

Also, if you feel like sharing the files that caused the crashes, please share them here so interested parties can test them (make sure they contain nothing sensitive).

ROSt52: I’m sure LO is not perfect and sometimes it causes crashes (this is probably inevitable in a free suite like this). There are 120 + messages here with a ‘crash’ tag, and I’m pretty all of those aren’t caused by the users’ computers! I have asked for advice on my problem separately (See ‘Calc keeps crashing when I copy and paste a range’. It seems to be solved now; not sure why but I think it may be to do with dates not being properly formatted when I converted a file from .csv to .xlsx.)

ROSt52: In answer to your questions: Windows 8.1.
Libre Office Version:
Build ID: 3fd416d4c6db7d3204c17ce57a1d70f6e531ee21.
When Calc crashes I am able to Restore my files every time. This is certainly a great feature of LO.
I am only using Calc at present.

samtuke: See separate post ‘Calc keeps crashing when I copy and paste a range’, as noted above.

What I have noticed; If you SAVE, as you work; It doesn’t crash. When you open/close too many files and not save any/or all …sometimes system/LO has a tendency to crush.