Use External-data-link when web site require login

Hallo everyone. I am trying to download financial data using external data link.

Everything works fine if no login is required.

In the latter case, even if I have logged in with the browser, calc cannot import the table whose link I have provided working with the browser.

Data acquisition must be done frequently, it is not possible to copy and paste data every time, the interval option must be used for automatic data refresh.

Is there a way for execute login procedure from calc, even using addons?

Thanks in advance for any help

SO Ubuntu 16.04 LO

Maybe LibreOffice is able to save the user and password Passwords for web connections, or the site allows to add it to the web link string. I have not tried.

Thanks, I’ll try to work in that direction. Unfortunately, apparently the sites I connect to do not have a link with a string containing user id and password.

I had already tried, just taking advantage of an answer here to work on the options page you pointed out to me. I will continue to try in that direction.
It would be interesting to see if any user here has found a working solution, for now I haven’t found one. Thank you again