use filter to create invoice

Several years ago I wrote an LO filter to create an invoice form. SELECTION Columns with QTY, ITEM, COST (B,C,D) were listed to the left and RESULT columns QTY, ITEM, COST (G,H,I) were listed to the right. The SELECTION columns were defined as an ITEM Range. The RESULTS columns were defined as a RESULTS range.

You could do down the left QTY column and select the items to be sold. Executing the filter would move the selected rows into the RESULTS Range, leaving out the blanks.

It worked well for several years. Now it won’t work and I can’t firgure out why. Now it moves only the first item over and ignores the rest of the entries in the SELECTION QTY column.

Did something change in the filter operation?

“Several years ago …”, “Now it won’t work…”
The relevant information would be the version used for the design of the sheets (“worked”) and now in use (“won’t work”). In addition you need to explain exactly the way the filter you are talking of was defined and used (triggered).
"Did something change in the filter operation?" What kind of filter? Between when and when?