Use full a4 size image as template background image

The requirement, to use a full a4 size image as template background image with normal input options as if a plain background is used. Background to appear on all pages.

Have been trying to get this to work but it appears the function is not provided! Tried the method detailed here Full A4 background image in Writer but its no good, the trouble is as soon as you click on an area that just has the image your back to image edit function, instead of the normal for a plain background.

I have used the following procedure, but it is definitely a BODGE.

Create a A4 sized image (3508px x 2480px 300dpi) save as a bitmap (.bmp)

On a new doc click on format->page

Under page tab set all margins to zero

Click on area tab, select fill as bitmap, Size: original, x & y offset 0%

Click on import and select your image

Select borders tab

Select arrangement to left and right (middle icon)

Line: single line, 0.01 pt, colour to suite image, spacing to content 2cm (or whatever you would normally have the margins set to)

Click on header tab, set height to 4cm or whatever suits your background header part

Click on footer tab, set height to 2cm or whatever suits your background footer part

Click on Apply and OK

Now do file->save as-> template (.ott)

Now go to file->template->manage and import your just saved template (WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS??)

If someone can give a proper way, or perhaps say one will be developed, that would be great.

Using the method you linked to , as an additional step, right click on the image and select Properties, in the tab labelled Options tick Protect Contents, Position, Size, OK. Click outside the page area to deselect

Now you can click in the page without selecting the background. If you subsequently need to change the background image you can right click on the header (or footer if that is where it is anchored), select Properties and untick those options. Cheers, Al