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I just installed x 64. I noticed that the formatting on my last open document (writer) changed. So, in fixing it, I noticed that the header/footer had a list of 42 or so “Converted17” or whatever number. And, while it seems that I did delete the header, the footers are persistent and I cannot delete them.

In the help, it says there is an option “all” for inserting or deleting, but there is no all option.

My question, how do I delete footers!? And, what does “Use headers-footers menu” do?


Q1 - what does "Use headers-footers menu"
“Use headers-footers menu” toggles availability of the menu appearing below/above header/footer while editing the respective region - See screenshot

image description

Q2 - how do I delete footers!?

And that menu can be used to Delete the header (or footer):