user dash '-' character instead of dot '.' in outline numbering

hello fans,
is it possible to use dash character as separator character in tools>outline numbering ??? there is such label with no editable field to set that, is it a but or just a place holder?

i use libre4.1.1.2 linux mint 15


Duplicate of Set Separator char in outline numbering

in this case i will have 1. and 1.1. and 1.1.1. and … , but i want to have 1. , 1-1. , 1-1-1. and so on… i mean how i can use “-” between numbers, not before and after count.

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Yes, in this dialog there is two separator, before the count and after.
After is after the number and before the title.

Is it what you want ?

i mean separator between numbers (not after or before count ) , i want have outlines like 1-1-2-1-5. , ("-" between numbers)