User dictionary won't load until I right click on a "misspelled" word?

I have an ODT document with a couple of words marked with a red zigzaggy underline, because the spell-checker doesn’t know them. Right click the first word, add to dictionary, solved. Rinse and repeat.

My problem comes if I close the document and reopen it. For some reason, all the words I previously added to the dictionary, are marked again in red. Until I right click in one of them, and suddenly all the red marks dissapear (from all the words I added to the dictionary, not just the one I right click).

It’s like the user dictionary doesn’t get loaded until I try to do something spell-check related.

The issue happens with any ODT file. Not sure if it’s a bug or it’s supposed to work like that. Is there any option I should check to stop this from happening? I would post my settings but I’m not sure which ones might be relevant. I didn’t create any custom dictionary or anything.

I’m using LibreOffice (x64) on Windows 10, and my regional setting is “es_ES” (Spanish).

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I just upgraded to LibreOffice (x64), but the issue persists.

Actually no, the spell checking is even worse in this version. It’s warning me of acronyms not being actual words, ignoring the fact that I have disabled the “Check words in caps” option. It used to ignore all-caps words, but that option is not working now. Great.

One thing to try is “safe-mode” or renaming your user-profile. Sometimes error there create problems, not easily understood. (And the profile is kept during updates.)

If this doesn’t help I suggest to file a bug-report at Bugzilla (better two).

Thanks. It seems there’s indeed something wrong with my user profile, I can’t reproduce the first issue if I try with a new one instead. Time for a fresh start, I guess.

As for the problem with the uppercase words, I filed a report (153684) and it’s been confirmed as a regression bug. I was wrong with my initial asessment, it doesn’t affect all uppercase words, only those that end with a period.

Rename the old profile, so you can rescue dictionaries or macros, if you miss something later.