User profile- Do not understand how to change it once I get to it (Chromebook user)

I know to go to tools-options and can find my user profile. I know changing the profile can sometimes sort a problem.
I just do not understand what I do once I get to the profile to change it.

I would like to know how on a Chromebook. I can find instructions for a laptop and it seems easier as you can see the files.

Chromebooks are really a giant Android phone so I suspect the way you do it is different from a PC or laptop. (I may be wrong.)

If any kind person could walk me through.

What do you want to change? The term “user profil” refers to the all settings, configurations, paths and files which are associated to a specific user (in contray to settings valid for all users of a system). Having said this, every option you change in Tools -> Options changes the user profile, modifiying your own dictionary in writer means a “change in the user profile” and so on. And I assume there is nothing very special regarding Chromebook (btw. whose operating systen is not Android but Google Chrome OS being capable of running/supporting Android apps and in turn is Google’s adaption of Chromium OS).