Using copy/paste erases spaces

When I copy/paste text from Libreoffice it causes several spaces to be erased in every single paragraph, forcing me to go through it and manually add them back. It’s quite a lot of busywork when I’m working with thousands of words at a time.

Strangely enough I’ve only had this happen on the forums, and now on Wattpad. What is the issue and how do I fix it?

Based on some advice I saw online I have tried copy/pasting into an html email, then copy/past THAT into Wattpad, and then it comes out properly. While this is a fix ideally I’d like to be able to skip the extra step.

EDIT: Here is a screenshot:

Copy paste issue.png

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Thanks for the screenshot. Does it show a LibreOffice window (source) or some other app (destination)?

I don’t know what else to say about the issue, but here is a screenshot:

Copy paste issue.png

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Have you ever inserted your text via text editor like notepad? Are there the same results? (I faintly remember a similar question in a German forum, years ago. No idea, what the result was…)

The point is, that HTML in general or websites do have another handling of spaces than word processing apps like Writer. There is often used the   for these purposes… In LibreOffice it is called Non-breaking space and has got the shortcut Shift|Control|Space. So the simple space can be a problem.