Using criteria in e-mail mailmerge

I have a registered database which I want to use to generate e-mails from writer, using LO’s own e-mail system. There appear to be several problems with the system. One is that using a query to select certain records does not work. I open the database, navigate to the query, and it displays correctly. When I generate the e-mails, an e-mail is generated for every record, not only the ones selected by the query.


Taking an educated guess here as I have no problem generating records based upon a Query.

If you create a mail merge first based upon a table then change to a query, the fields will remain tied to the table even if the mail merge source is changed.

You can verify/fix by right clicking on a field and select Edit. The field is most likely set to other than your selective query. Select the correct field. You need to do this for all fields.

Alternatively, create a new document. This is simply starting over.