Using default libreoffice on mint 18 cinnamon when open a .docx file hindi font not showing up properly

Just moved to linux mint18 cinnamon 64 bit from windows
I work with translation and coding…
When opened a .docx(msoffice doc) the Hindi font is not comming up properly font used is sanskrit2003 its showing the font name there but font not comming up as it should.

Since these docs are send and shared … and it has to show properly is it possible to switch to libreoffice for serious work if using rigonal lang like hindi font or have to stick with Ms-Office :frowning: though i liked both mint and libreoffice)

Do you have any font with Devanagari in your system?

I am not a native Hindi writer so this advice is theoretical.

In order to write using a Hindi font with LibreOffice, you need to set the Language option. TOOLS > OPTIONS > LANGUAGE SETTINGS > LANGUAGES > COMPLEX TEXT LAYOUT (CTL) > HINDI. And then under CTL the number settings if required.

You also need to use a font that supports the characters, such as LOHIT DEVANAGARI. The font sanskrit2003 is not included in LibreOffice, You will need to download it to make it available, otherwise LibO will use a substitute.

When creating a document with LibO, I advise you to always store it in the native Writer standard .odt format, and only store it in.docx to send it to other users. Otherwise you will loose the some of the functions available in Writer.