Using Dragon Dictate with LO 5 and higher

I used Nuance Dragon Dictate with LibreOffice 4 for years without any problems.
Then I switched to 5 and it didn’t work at all. So I re-installed 4.
Now I gave LO 6 a try and Dragon (still) doesn’t work.
How can I fix that? I’m very fond of and happy with LO in every other way, but without the possibility to use Dragon I will have to switch to something else…

Do you use the dictation box and transfer work to LO, or do you dictate directly to LO? What version of Dragon are you using?

I have the same problem. I use Dragon Home version and have to use the dictation box which takes an extra step. Is there a proposed solution to use Dragon directly with LO 7?

Have you already read all the answers about “dragon”?

@Hrbrgr this is not an answer; it is a request for more information.

I checked many previous threats and answers. Most of them are old or say there is no solution. So I posted my question because I was hoping somebody might know something new.