Using draw, objects sometimes move randomly and erratically

I have a wiring diagram with a load of lines and small objects on it. Quite often, when I try to move one end of a line, or an object, dragging it with the mouse, the object or line end moves in what seems to be a completely random direction. This doesn’t always happen, and seems to happen in phases. It can be stable for a while, doing exactly what I direct with the mouse, and then all of a sudden nothing seems to do what I ask.

This happens on WIndows and Ubuntu versions. I’m currently on version, but this has been happening for a while.

In the draw tools, options, settings, all grid options are off.


Try the safe mode.

If the error remains not constant, reset your user profile.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘remains not constant’. Do you mean that the error does not happen?

Anyway, as you suggested I tried safe mode, and it made no difference, so I assume resetting my profile won’t help.