Using Draw with 2 Units of Measurement

I wanted to use Libreoffice Draw with 2 different Unit’s of Measurements like feet and inches to do some simple drawings of some rooms in our house with the dimensions showing. Not talking high end cad stuff, but draw seems very challenged in that area. I can’t figure out how to do one “wall” as feet and then the cabinets as inches.

What am I missing? In general draw seems to be a little tricky for this, but not found anything better that will be close to scale, show dimension lines and is not super complicated.



Right-click on the dimension line. You will see the item “Dimensions”. It opens a dialog which has a checkbox “Show measurement units”. And below that you will find a drop-down list to choose the unit you want to use.

The unit, which is used in case of item “Automatic” is set in Tools > Options > Draw > General. To chance the unit of the ruler, right-click it and you get a list of units.