Using drop-down on input form

I have a database that has a client table and a table of services provided to those clients. I created a table of services provided which has the ID of the client and the ID of the specific service and other details about the event.

I’m creating a form to enter a provided service. I have a form and a subform with the client ID linked to the client ID field in the services provided table. The form works fine, the client is shown at the top of the form in the services that have been provided for that client or shown in a spreadsheet version in the subform, however the services ID is simply shown as an integer.

This is fine if you happen to know what the ID of the service you are entering is, but there are too many to commit to memory. What I really need on this form is a drop-down that shows all of the service descriptions off the service table.

Any ideas or examples that might help me achieve this would be welcome. Thank you for your help.


It appears you want to save the value and display the String data. Select the Table Control column with the problem. Right click the heading and select Replace with and select list box. Then right click the heading and select Control:

Set your data field, Type of list contents is SQL. Use ellipsis (…) to create statement. First field selected is the string field (description) to display and second field is the ID value field. Set Bound field to 1.

Close, save & test.

The displayed field is the first field. The saved field is the Bound field (relative to 0 - thus second field in SQL.).

I am truly grateful for your time and attention. Thank you. I did not clearly articulate my objective, but this information will be very useful to me going forward. I solved my issue by adding another subform so the user can look up the service ID for entry into the service record subform.