Using Lbre Office on two computers

Hello Libre Office people
As a writer i work on Open Office( version 4.1.7) for years
every day…on my office Mac;El Capitain( 10.11.8) 4gb-ram

Recently i purchased a Mac book pro Sonoma 14.2.1/18gb-ram
for portable work on the road.

My plan is to switch over to Libre Office on both machines
and continue the ‘work’ ( using my old Open Office files)

Q:what Libre Office version will work on both my computers
or are there other possibility’s (i am a non technical person)
please keep it simple.

                          Thanks   KarelvonKleist

Well, here is for Traditional Chinese users, but I guess I can answer some.

OpenOffice 4.1.7 is wwwwwway tooooooo ooooooold. I strongly suggest you switch to LibreOffice. Currently 7.6 series should work on both your systems. And since they support ODF files so it should have no problem opening your old files.


and select appropriate platform version to download.