Using Libre Office draw to edit pdf document but it reformats the original justified text formatting?

I am attempting to make some minor editing corrections to a pdf document using office libre writer

When I open the pdf file in libre it opens it in draw mode which allows for text corrections but the pdf file loses its original justified text alignment formatting.

Is there a way I can save the corrected pdf file to its original justified form?

No, see my answer in your similar question.

PDF is a display format. Position of characters (or group of homogeneous format characters) is computed and frozen when the file is generated.

If you want to heavily edit the PDF, you must regenerate some form of text document. This is usually done by copying and pasting text. Use a PDF viewer for copy, this will be much faster for retrieving the whole text than using Draw. But, every line will end up as a paragraph. You must then eliminate these spurious paragraph breaks to rebuild the paragraphs. Once done, apply adequate paragraph styles so that you can tune formatting.