Using Libreoffice Calc, cannot print 1st sheet after printing 2nd

LibreOffice for Mac running under OS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan) on a Mac Pro 3,1 (Early 2008) and using a CUPS Driver for Brother HL-5450DN series 2.

I produced a large spreadsheet in sheet1 of a file, about 8 pages, and then a second, smaller spreadsheet in sheet2 of 4 pages. In the past, I have printed both sheets. Yesterday, I opened up both sheets, named them, gave them titles, and by doing so produced a linked style. I then added additional data to sheet2, opened it in print preview, and printed it.

When I then attempted to print sheet1, it printed sheet2. I deleted sheet2 and again attempted to print sheet1: in this case, the preview indicated an empty page, and print barfed on no data! I opened a new ods file and copied the data from sheet1 to sheet1 of the new empty file: it wouldn’t print either, with the same error.

I think that the problem is in LibreOffice, rather than in the print driver, and it has to do with some incompatibility in assigning separate sheet styles to different sheets, but don’t have any trouble so doing. Original file was one created in LibreOffice, but saved as an xls file.

Please provide a sample spreadsheet, to easily find the problem.

I have never had this happen before, and the spreadsheet contains confidential personal data, so I am unwilling to provide it.

just create a new spreadsheet, copy the problematic sheet into it (as you said you did, which resulted in the problem), delete all the data from the sheet, and put something to A1. No need to post your sensitive data. If you need help, you should find a way to provide something to people willing to help; “I am unvilling to provide” is not constructive.

See this site for other ways of anonymising your document

I will be out of town tomorrow, but will take your suggestion and act on it on Friday our time (UT+11:00).

I would suspect you re-defined the Print Range(s) for Sheet1 to an empty cell-range inadvertently.

Sorry for the late reply: got tied up in other business. I actually had reset the print ranges, but not by highlighting the range: rather, I entered it manually. I just now highlighted the range and selected Print Range —> Define, and Lo! AOK.