Using libreoffice6.2.8.2 on slackware 14.2, How to type in Hindi

Need to type in Hindi. What should I do

Your question has nothing to do with LibreOffice. Refer to your operating system/desktop environment manual to set up an input method.

You asked about typing in Hindi. As @gabix rightly says, this is an operating system question.

Have you checked the other questions on this subject, for example How to type in Hindi? I think you will find a variety on helpful answers.

However, there is a second question you did not ask, which is how to tell LibreOffice that you are using a non-Latin script, that is to say Hindi. This means that you must select a font that contains the Hindi Characters. You also have to set the options to support Hindi. On my system this would be TOOLS > OPTIONS > LANGUAGE SETTINGS > LANGUAGES > COMPLEX TEXT LAYOUT > HINDI

There are a multitude of Hindi users of LibreOffice and I am sure they will be able to help you, Good Luck,

My version of LibreOffice does not show lohit/Marathi font but the general lohit Devanagari. Although I know little about the various Indian scripts and languages and using them with Unicode. I understand this font is used for Hindi and Marathi. Marathi and Hindi both are Sanskritized versions of Prakrit languages and are written in the same script in recent period (1850 onwards).

Fed up. Typing in google input tools / Hindi, copying it and pasting on to LO writer…it shows font as lohit/Marathi

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  2. If you have problems with google input (whatever it is), why do you post something here? And why don’t you use input options of your operating system? Anyway, it is all out of the scope of this site.