Using LO 7.1.1/Windows 10, can I save a file (*.odt, *.ods...) in a populated folder with a unique filename?

With LibreOffice 7.x, I can no longer save a file in a folder with other documents in the same format. For example, if I save a Writer *.odt, it’ll ignore the name given and overwrite the first *.odt file in the directory. To get around this, I create a new folder in Windows 10 for each save. LibreOffice 6.x apps did not do this; it is annoying and not optimum file management. Is there a better way to get around this?

Sounds like a Windows file management problem. Have you re-started (Not closed and opened agin but Start Menu > Power > Restart) recently? Do you have any Windows Updates waiting to be installed (Start menu> Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update)?

A similar problem is shown on Microsoft Forum, Keep inadvertently overwriting files in Explorer.

Most promising might be in File Explorer > View > Options click tab General and select radio button Double-click to open an item (single click selects by point so likely to cause overwrite), otherwise:

Method 1: Reset Folder view settings in File explorer.

Follow the steps:

  1. Open the folder in File Explorer were you are saving the file.

  2. Select the View tab and click on the Options button in the ribbon to open Folder Options.

  3. Select the View tab and click on option Reset Folders.

  4. Click on Yes to confirm.

Now restart the computer and try to save the file.

Previous similar issue for another on this site was solved but method unknown.

Windows file manager seemed the most logical cause. For some unknown reason, file dialog allows me to save as usual with most files (except via LibreOffice apps). The filename field does not select by default, but when I input a filename and press the Save button, the first sub folder opens; the filename remains so I click Save again. However, at this point a system dialog appears stating a different file name already exists and asks if I want to overwrite. I tap No, the other file name replaces my unique file name in the input field, go up one level and create a new folder then write the file name for the second time. Most times I start by creating a new sub folder so only need to write the file name once.

Solution: I noticed if I leave the filename as ‘Untitled 1’ and then use my arrow keys to pass all the sub directories, when I get to file names they start to highlight (select) and change the file name in the dialog. I select the file name to input the name I want, and then it saves as normal.

Why the system acts this way only for LibreOffice apps, I don’t know. I rarely restart; rather, I perform a cold boot everyday. When the system does things like flash the BIOS, automatic restarts are part of the process. My system updates are pushed and automatically installed. I just installed a feature update that replaced Windows 10 1909 with Windows 10 20H2. Feature updates are offered twice/year, but this one did not change the file management for LibreOffice. Thanks for the suggestions regarding file explorer. They were old school tips but got me exploring to discover a better work around!

I suggested Restart because if Fast Start is enabled the computer does not restart but merely hibernates with the current state if Shut Down is used.

I don’t know if following the instructions for Fixing Windows Update Errors would fix the issue.

Thanks Earnest Al; I wasn’t aware of Fast Start, but it is enabled. Windows updates require restart or shutdown several times a month and must bypass fast start… the rest of the month my shut downs were like hibernates. Don’t fully understand, when I restart after a shut down, the curser is in a busy mode (not as often with SSD opposed to HDD), but waking my computer after hibernation doesn’t have a busy curser.

Yup. Its busy because it is rebuilding everything rather than just copying from what’s written to disk. Slower (marginally with SSD) but way more reliable.