Using predefined document styles in writer


I was having a hard time formatting a text document using the semantic markup (Heading 1, Paragraph, …). Different sections of the document had different fonts and applying the predefined styles did not change that.

Does LibreOffice come with a selection of predefined syles that can be used to create good looking documents without manual formatting?

I’d expect to only specify the semantics of paragraphs (heading, paragraph, preformatted, …) and have the style applied automatically.


To remove the manual formatting (hard/direct formatting, i.e. formatting that is not applied via character or paragraph styles), select the text and choose “Format|Clear Direct Formatting

I’ve felt something like that. When applying a style to a paragraph that’s already formated, some of its format remains and is merged with old format. And I didn’t find a way to clear all stylings to then apply 1 style. But I’m pretty new to LibO, there may be a better way.