Using ScriptForge Form Service

How can the SFDocuments.Form service form be accessed to use the methods in the Form service. The example code shown below run from within the main Base window of Automobile.odb (used in the Getting Started Guide) generating the following error in Base V7.2.0.3 (x64) under Win10.

from scriptforge import CreateScriptService

# Get form
def get_form(args=None):
    db = CreateScriptService('SFDocuments.Document', XSCRIPTCONTEXT.getDocument())
    #  The statement below is necessary only if the form hasn't been opened yet
    form_doc = db.OpenFormDocument('Fuel')
    form = form_doc.Forms('Fuel', 'MainForm')
    #  Or, alternatively, to access the form by its index ...
    # form = form_doc.Forms('Fuel', 0)
    sub_form = form.SubForms('SubForm')

because according to the error message (unnecessarily provided by @flywire as a screenshot) the object ‘form_doc’ is a bool which has obviously no Attribute ‘Forms’…

Use case: ScriptForge Database Demo

Solution: ScriptForge Database Demo - #3 by Ratslinger

Have resolved this in the link provided by @flywire