Using SMF extension in Calc, but unable to copy results of GETYAHOO formula to another cell

I formerly used GETQUOTE with Open Office, but learned that an update of OO broke the GETQUOTE functionality. Found that the SMF extension would allow LO to grab stock quotes for my spreadsheet. However, after GETYAHOO downloads the most-recent quotes for my securities, I am unable to copy the quotes to another column of cells…the formula results simply do not copy. I thought I read somewhere that the GETYAHOO syntax needs to be altered to allow the results to be copied, but now I can’t find that information. Thanks for any help.

I found the information for which I had been looking. The “VALUE” function must be added before “GETYAHOO…” so that the result of the quote calculation can be operated on by , etc.

The syntax, for example, is: =VALUE(GETYAHOO(Cell Reference,21)). The “21” returns the most-recent price, and in my case, I have the ticker symbols in a table of cells, so I reference the cell rather than the ticker symbol itself.

Use a more recent version of the SMF extension, already since v0.6.3 the VALUE() call isn’t necessary at all, see the LibreOffice extension site. You may also want to do that as Yahoo changed some data elements, hence some call codes changed as well.

Note that the original developer discontinued the SMF extension, further development releases are available from dhocker/SMF-Extension.