Using tables in impress

I find that using tables in Impress (LibreOffice version has gotten even harder than it used to be. For example, I can’t seem to figure out how to reliably select and move tables, or how to reliably copy and paste a table. Is there some documentation for this?

Really all I’d like to do is use tables for layout purposes occasionally, to line things up in an array, and for the ability to draw arrays of “cells” by turning on the table’s cell borders. If there are other facilities besides tables that would let me do these things, I could probably do without tables entirely.

Thanks for any advice. try read this chapter of Impress Guide

As far as I understand, the OP’s question is not about external objects (like spreadsheets/Writer documents) being inserted into the presentation, but about native Imptess tables.

i understand too, but may be OP want create normal table and will work with it