using track changes, not displayed, text inserts to the right of the cursor

i described the issue in a bug report but it was rejected:

on debian gnu/linux, up to date libre office (Version:, from buster backports)

when using track changes, with ‘show’ option unchecked, so that changes are not visible, sometimes when i type a character, the cursor is forced to the left of what i type, and stays there. this has the effect freezing the cursor in place, because it is normally moved to the right by what you type.

its only occasional, and i don’t know if there is any specific (formatting, etc) situation in which it occurs. i’m not working with tables or anything fancy, just plain text processing in main body of the page. document is long thought (20 000 + words).

sorry if already reported, its tricky to search for what someone else might call this phenomenon.

Steps to Reproduce: large file
2. enable track changes, uncheck ‘show’
3. move around editing/adding text

Actual Results:
cursor stays in one place, newly typed text is inserted after cursor.

Expected Results:
cursor shd follow not precede newly inserted text.

perhaps someone here might have an inkling as to what might be going on, or similar experiences?
any pointers appreciated.

i also don’t understand the dev’s explanation of how this behaviour might trivially arise: “This might be something trivial as that if text marked from right, new one is typed after, and if marked from left, new one typed before.” perhaps someone else does though?

The problem with that report is that it doesn’t allow others to see the problem. E.g. I can’t just make some simple steps (like opening a provided file, going to page X paragraph Y, and type ABC, to see; or creating new document, making defined set of edits and configurations, and see). Without that, the bug is simply impossible to handle.

thx for yr comment mike, but i actuallly wasn’t especially worried about the bug report and i wasn’t posting here to complain, but to confer. i understand that my report didnt follow the rules. but also, i’m not sure how i can provide more information with my issue. i can’t share the file(s) because they’re not mine, but my clients’. and the issue is sporadic, but actually comes up quite often.

i was more interested in asking to find out if this is a known issue, and/or if anyone else has experienced it, if there is any info, way to narrow down what might be the cause, workarounds etc. the usual community things.

i’m not sure how i cd further specify my set up, as it seems pretty vanilla. long document mostly just all text + a few images, track changes hidden. only happens w track changes on.