V4.0.0 install on Windows 7 requires kill of Explorer.exe

Here’s the scenario:

Windows 7 Home Starter with LibreOffice v3.6.3.2 already installed.
Quickstarter Exited to allow installation of LibreOffice_4.0.0_Win_x86.msi

Installation won’t finish until I kill the Explorer shell!

Same problem happened trying to install v4.0.0 over v3.6.5

Any ideas?

I’ve just installed, which required the same. Fortunately for me I know how to terminate and restart Explorer. I wonder how novices would react.

I’ve got round this glitch by reverting to a (Samsung Recovery Solution 4) image of my system that didn’t have any LibreOffice installed, and then installing v4.0.0 from there.

Either there was a problem in my system, or LibreOffice v4.0.0 doesn’t install completely well over previous version.

(I then noticed that my usual trick of replacing user profile folder’s config sub-folder & registrymodifications.xcu file (this time from my working LibreOfficePortable v4.0.0 instance containing all of my personal settings) doesn’t bring across my settings as it should, so I’m having to reset my fully installed version of LibreOffice the long way.)

@Jairus, The major version has changed from 3 → 4, and the path to your User Profile directory has probably changed as well.

With some careful editing of file/directory names, you can possibly get your old profile data to work for you (although you might introduce some instability if the profile file formats have changed… :stuck_out_tongue: )

qubit, thanks for your suggestion. I’ve noticed that on both my Windows 7 Home and Windows XP Pro machines, LibreOffice 4 creates a C: folder Roaming\LibreOffice\4 which contains my user (profile) folder. Roaming\LibreOffice\3 is left in place, and can be Deleted as it’s no longer accessed. But I don’t think this was the cause of my 3 profile not being accepted in 4. (I didn’t investigate this any further.)