V7 on Windows 10 - still problems with videos

Embedded videos will not play with Impress V7 on Windows 10 Home. This is not a new problem. Actually they play correctly if you select the slide, then use Shift-F5 to start the presentation at that point. However if you start the presentation anywhere before that, the sound is OK, but only a still shot instead of the video.

If I disable Skia, I don’t even get the still shot - just a black screen.

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More information: if the slide containing the video is selected before pressing F5, then although it starts at the beginning of the presentation, the video plays OK when that slide is reached. However if any other slide is selected before F5 is pressed, the video shows the still shot behaviour.

I have put together a two-slide presentation which reproduces this every time. (I can’t see where I can attach the file to this post.)

If I remember last time this problem was discussed, it worked OK on Linux, but I’m not sure.

Same problem.

Same problem for me. Also when I do not embed the video (Insert video and select link) the same problem happens. Tried it on different computers and still the same problem. Only solution: select the slide with a video and click F5 or shift F5.

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